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List of Email Providers

Internet Providers (If you have one of these for your internet and want to use them for email, it is best to call them to setup a new email account and ask if there are any fees, if applicable)

Cincinnati Bell
Time Warner

Free Email Providers


Backing up your email

If you are set up as IMAP to download your email to a email client, here are some articles with advice on how to back up your email on your computer:

For Outlook and Thunderbird on Windows:

Microsofts Outlook backup support article:

Another option with GMail is you can set it to pickup email via POP3 from the Hyper Office server.  Be advised this takes time, you can’t do this last minute, and it will only get your inbox, not sent mail or subfolders.  There is a description of how to do this at:

Mac Mail – make a copy “On My Mac”.  Don’t copy 1000s of messages (i.e. select all) at a single time, do 100 at a time and give it time between copies.  You can do this in all of the subfolders as well.