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EOS Email forwarding and Autoresponder

For some users it may be useful to forward their email to a new account, and to inform their contacts that there is a new email address they should be sending you email at.  I have composed a short instructive video on how to login to your webmail account and make those changes.

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Updating your email address on various services

Some of our users are looking at cancelling their mail service, and this post is to help them make changes on some of the services out there that rely upon their email address.  This is by no means exhaustive!  I have barely scratched the surface.  Be mindful you also need to email all of your contacts (family, friends, business associates, etc.) of your new email address.

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Downloading your Google content with Google Takeout

Due to Google discontinuing all Google Apps for ISPs customers, I am learning a lot of ways to help my clients deal with this.  One of the ways is using Google Takeout.  With it, you can download all of your Google data, including:

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Heartbleed OpenSSL vunerability

By now I am sure many of you have heard about a vulnerability affecting more than half of the web servers that do secure online transactions (including but not limited to, logging into websites where you supply a username and password, sites that you may do purchasing on, etc.).  This is due to many servers running an open source secure socket layer (SSL) software called OpenSSL.  SSL software encrypts the connection between your device and the web server, so it cannot be decoded and exploited while in transit. At EOS we run two servers that do SSL transactions, and neither of them are affected by Heartbleed.  One runs a completely different SSL software, and another runs a version of OpenSSL that is not affected by heartbleed (OpenSSL versions 1.0.1 and 1.0.2-beta are affected).

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A few years ago a client wanted a redo of their website, with a bit more animation and rollovers than I had done before.  Unfortunately this kind of customization doesn’t lend itself as well as I would like to a CMS like wordpress (which would have made updates substantially easier), but it worked well in the end.  In any case, please take a gander at:

TungToos Tongue Art Website

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5 tips to optimize your new Twitter profile

There are some new updates to how your twitter profile will look. Twitter rolled out a new design which looks a bit like Facebook, so be mindful you may need to do some “spring cleaning” to make things look correct as picture sizes have changed. I read this from an article off of, which has the original post coming from Buffer blog.

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Entering the world that is the blogosphere

At the advice of a friend, we’re going to give blogging a try to improve communication with clients, friends and family (in that order).  Be forewarned, I am not an english literature major, and I tend to write lots of run on sentences and put things in parentheses.  That being said, I hope to use the blog to engage and bring current news to people who don’t follow the same news I do.  But first, a bit of history narrative…

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