At the advice of a friend, we’re going to give blogging a try to improve communication with clients, friends and family (in that order).  Be forewarned, I am not an english literature major, and I tend to write lots of run on sentences and put things in parentheses.  That being said, I hope to use the blog to engage and bring current news to people who don’t follow the same news I do.  But first, a bit of history narrative…

Back when I was in college in the late 80s, my Father Cliff, brothers  Dave and Jim, and brother-in-law Eddie decided to leave their current careers behind and start developing software for the Apple Macintosh, under the company C. Stegman Company, Inc.  They came from varied walks of life, settled in front of their new computers and started learning to program.  After a year or so they released their first application Retriever, with us as the development/publisher company Exodus Software.

I joined the company full time in 1989, helping out with our next releases,  ExpressWrite and Retriever II before leaving publishing behind and switching to doing more consulting work.   Exodus did contract object oriented programming, development in HyperCard, MItemView, 4th Dimension (relational database) among others.

This all changed in 1995, when a client of ours suggested we should look into this Internet thing that was becoming news. So we decided to add a new division to the company, Exodus Online Services.  We were among the first local ISPs in Cincinnati (I know of Internet Access Cincinnati and coming before us), offering dialup, email, web hosting and development, among other services.  We added dedicated ISDN later, and even offered among the first blogging tools I know of, the frontier-based server Manila.  When Cincinnati Bell started offering DSL services, a number of the local ISPs were able to offer that service through Bell, EOS included.  We were the only provider in town to offer optional filtered DSL as well.

In the mid 2000s Eddie and Dave left for other ventures, and in 2008 Jim left as well, leaving myself.  I moved our web servers to a colocate in downtown Cincinnati, started working out of the Fairfield home office.  I have been continuing what Exodus always did, offer the best one on one support and great solutions to our clients.

So like I said, at the advice of a friend I am starting to blog.

Heaven help us 😉